Outside the Galaxie Hotel

Within this multi-purpose mature garden several distinct areas were created using combinations of sculptures, plants and other garden features. The sculptures are by local artist Pam Foley.

Pam’s artwork displays a consistent creative theme, and placement of the sculptures in horticultural settings brings out their emotional content. For example:

The white sculpture entitled ‘BW2’, which resides in the middle of the fishpond, was placed there to enhance this serene environment. The gentle movements of the Koi Carp create ripples in the water which augment the sculpture’s delicate flowing lines, reflecting its tranquility, and afford the viewer an opportunity for quiet contemplation.

‘BirdWoman’ is placed on a railing, silhouetted against an ever-changing sky. Within and around the piece the heavens float. ‘BirdWoman’ acts as a barometer with the changing weather conditions producing dramatic and permanent effects on the piece. For example, the colour of the iron sculpture is altered by moisture, and the changing light levels create highlighted and shaded areas.

The flecked dark green foliage of the background planting of Aucuba Japonica ‘Variegata’ accentuates the constellation of patterns found in ‘Papoose’. The alabaster medium of the sculpture and the dark shadings and light reflections found within the leaves of the plant presents a modern day panoply on the usage of the Italian renaissance principles of light and shade.

All artwork copyrighted by the artist. Commissions on these and other work accepted contact Pam for information.